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Opis strony Statistical Analysis of Protein Sequences
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SAPS - Statistical Analysis of Protein Sequences

The SAPS program was developed in the group of Prof. Samuel Karlin at Stanford University. The algorithm has been published in

Brendel, V., Bucher, P., Nourbakhsh, I., Blaisdell, B.E., Karlin, S. 
Methods and  algorithms for statistical analysis of protein sequences.  
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 89: 2002-2006 (1992).
For further information on the SAPS program, see the header of the SAPS output when choosing 'documented output'.

Usage: Paste your sequence in one of the supported formats into the sequence field below and press the "Run SAPS" button.
Make sure that the format button (next to the sequence field) shows the correct format

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