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Opis strony Block Searcher
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Block Searcher

at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Blocks WWW server.

Search your protein or DNA sequence against aBlocks Database.[Help]

Blocks+ Blocks Database plus subsets of Prints, Pfam, ProDom & Domo or
Prints Database in blocks format
We recommend searching both Blocks and Prints. Blocks has automatically-generated blocks, while Prints has hand-crafted blocks. Blocks includes more families than Prints, but Prints includes many families not represented in Blocks.


Genetic code:
Strands to search:


Depending on usage, the delay for the answer may vary from one request to another and may take 10 minutes or more.
Please be patient, or supply an email address. 

Enter your protein or DNA query sequence in FASTA, EMBL or GENBANK format:Select optional search parameters for a DNA query:Enter your email address if you want the results through email (default parameters will be used):Select the database to search:

You can also search both Blocks and Prints using different algorithms withRecognize or Identify. You may also want to try otherprotein family database search engines.

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Page last modified Nov 1998


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Searching for blocks
Another important database to search is BLOCKS (this is a USA connection, so may be slow): as before, simply cut and paste your sequence into the Input box, click on Perform Search and wait awhile. Scroll  down to the Blksort Hits heading and note any good matches - see Help for more information. While visiting this server, also try searching the blocks-format version of PRINTS: switch the Select database button  to Prints database, scroll down the page and Perform Search. Again, note any high-scoring matches. Do the results from the BLOCKS databases differ?